BREXIT – what are the considerations

Tomorrow the people of United Kingdom will be deciding whether to remain in the European Union (EU, an organization they helped form) or not. At the heart of the matter is the believe by many that UK contributes far more than it benefits from the EU. For years many have argued that net migration from other EU member states into UK was crippling the country’s infrastructure and economy. They point to the fast changing demographics and rapid increase in benefits expenditure. Proponents of the remain (in) campaign argue that immigration was good for the UK and that the immigrants are paying taxes and will be needed in the fast aging population of the UK.

Stronger together - Remain Campaign

Stronger together – Remain Campaign

So, who is campaigning on either sides of the propositions? We know the poster faces of the Remain team to include the Prime minister, David Cameron and many of his ministers; Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader and many of his shadow cabinet members; and Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First minister and her team.

Some prominent members of the Conservative party, including Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are in the out campaign as the Prime Minister allowed cabinet members to take individual positions. Others are Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, Theresa Villiers, John Whittingdale.

Polls suggest that the younger people tend to support UK staying in the EU while the older people generally support UK leaving EU. So if the older people who have know pre-EU UK and have experienced UK in EU are campaigning for out, what is it that they know that the younger generation that have only known a UK in EU do not know? A Nigerian adage says what the elder sees sitting the child does not see even standing.

Take back control - Leave Campaign

Take back control – Leave Campaign

Listening to all the debates as a neutral person, you won’t find that convincing argument, probably because the political correctness of the Brits means they cannot exactly tell it all publicly in those debates. The arguments for remaining would typically be:
• We are safer together
• The economy will be ruined outside the common market
• Jobs will be lost

Interestingly these are the very same reasons the out campaign present for wanting UK out, and frankly they seem to argue better on each of these. For e.g.:
• They argue that power to control immigration will return to UK and the government will be able to allow immigration on a case by case bases and send out people that will make us unsafe.
• On the economy they point to how UK has moved from an industrial nation to a consumer nation and attribute it to the EU. They say UK will be able to revamp her farms and manufacturing industries once out of EU.
• They point to the numerous farms that have closed or are struggling because of competition from cheaper produce from the Eastern European countries leading to massive loss of jobs.

For obvious reasons non-British Europeans resident in UK who qualify to vote will vote to remain. Many British Africans will vote to remain because they cherish the European-wider job opportunities, but also but less so, for tourism opportunities. Young white British voters cherish the visa-free tourism opportunities and this explains why they are mostly supporting the status quo.

Who are the winners and losers of a Brexit? Africa, China, India, Pakistan and other non-European countries, but especially the commonwealth countries will gain greater access to UK – both in trade volumes and in immigration. Currently they get the crumbs after the EU has left the table. So while their naturalised compatriots are supporting remain citizens of these countries wishing to come in will be better off in a UK outside EU.

Cottage businesses will benefit from a UK outside EU as competition and complex rules become relaxed. Not so with the big businesses who do better in a unified market reach. One curious phenomenon is the support of Labour Party and the organised unions for the remain campaign (a significant number the of the unions) if it is true that EU has meant decimation of UK businesses.

Is it true that UK will become isolated economically and EU will not want to do business with her? That is not a likely situation because EU needs the UK market. Some businesses might move their headquarters from UK in compliance with subsisting EU rules. This might mean job losses in the short term but businesses will sprout up and jobs will be created in the medium to long term.

Is EU good for UK? Yes, a reformed EU is great for UK but an increasingly influential and usurping EU is bad for UK and her sovereignty. Can EU reform? Yes, but a golden opportunity was missed when Cameroun spearheaded the recent attempt that was frustrated or at best not very welcomed by members. The Eastern European countries will resist the reforms that UK seeks. But it is not only immigration that UK is worried about, it is also the usurpation of British institutions like the judicial and Parliamentary systems. The European Parliament is not only unnecessary, it is also too expensive for the tax payers.

Where you vote will therefore depend on what your priorities are, given the above factors. Unfortunately, I am unable to vote tomorrow as I am out of the country and made no arrangements for proxy voting. The beauty is that we are Great Britain and will prosper whichever way the vote goes and hopefully, this referendum will trigger huge reforms at the EU.

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Asus Ultrabook touchpad not working after upgrade to windows 10?

Asus Zenbook and Ultrabooks owners who upgraded from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 find that their pointing devices are not functioning as designed, for e.g. the two-finger swiping functioning to scroll up and down does not work.
If you have recently upgraded and have this problem, update the drivers by going to this link: Once there do the following:
1. While on the page that link takes you to scroll down to ‘Pointing Devises’, click on that and a window opens with the driver

2. Click on a ‘global’
3. Download and install the driver
4. Restart your computer

Check and confirm it’s all working

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Millions of US government workers hit by data breach

Chinese hackers are suspected of carrying out a “massive breach” of the personal data of nearly four million US government workers, officials said.
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) confirmed that both current and past employees had been affected.
The breach could potentially affect every federal agency, officials said.
US officials said the hackers were believed to be based in China. Beijing responded by calling such claims “irresponsible”.
OPM said it became aware of the breach in April during an “aggressive effort” to update its cyber security systems.
It said it would be contacting all those individuals whose personal data may have been breached in the coming weeks, and offering them 18 months of free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance.
OPM serves as the human resource department for the federal government. The agency issues security clearances and compiles records of all federal government employees.
Information stored on OPM databases includes employee job assignments, performance reviews and training, according to officials.
The breach did not involve background checks and clearance investigations, officials said.
Read more from BBC

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Inspire Nigeria wishes the people of Egypt well. We wish that the military had been more restrained and neutral as they were during the Arab Spring. We are certain the people would have been able to have their say without the military, albeit it would have taken longer. We call on all sides to remain calm and demonstrate maturity by resolving the crisis through dialogue. The interim government should be all-inclusive.

The military has just truncated the one year democracy in Egypt following days of mass action and calls for President Morsi to step down. Morsi came to power about a year ago in elections that followed the Egyptian Revolution, Egypt’s version of the Arab Spring.

God bless Egypt!

God bless Africa!!

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Gadafi’s death – tragedy to civility

Gadafi’s murder is a tragedy to civility and modernity. That western leaders are celebrating the extra-judicial killing of a former head of state, or anyone for that matter, is a mockery of the democracy they supposedly promote. Now I hope the International Court of Justice will now try the transition leaders who have said the death is something they have waited for, for long. What better evidence for command responsibility will anyone need?

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Two-faced West: The oil politics in Libya

I was one of those who called for an international effort to protect the civilians in Libya. But I also wanted same effort in Ivory Coast and Bahrain. I also wanted the initiative to include a strong call on Saudi Arabian authorities to allow demonstrators to express their democratic aspirations.

As it turned out the West have come into the Libyan conflict with an extra agenda to control the flow of oil and stabilise global oil price. How else will you explain the double standards where nothing has been done about Ivory Coast that has no oil and pro-West Bahrain and Saudi?

While I would like to see a regime change in Libya through internal dynamics, there is no moral grounds for any external body to enforce, or even actively encourage that change. David Cameron who has lampooned labour for years on the Iraqi war has no right to say ‘Gaddafi could be killed’. His statement underlines his interest in Libya.

International interference in Libya must use only reasonable force to protect civilians. While they do that the rebels have no right to use arms. The consequence of what is happening will be hard and long in going. Africans must be united in condemning the coalition’s use of excessive force.

What rationale has the Arab league to approve the current shelling of Libya without calling on Saudi to stop muting opposition?

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Why INEC Data Capture Machines Are Failing

By Evong Evong CISA, MBCS

INEC voters’ registration kicked off over the weekend with a number of hitches, including problems with reading fingerprint of potential registrants, notably former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the Senate president, Senator David Mark and Governor Suswan of Benue State. The immediate response has been a rash of criticism of the fingerprint technology introduced by INEC for the process. Some people have even suggested Nigeria does not require such sophistication in electoral registration and should have made do with the usual manual processes. (more…)

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Nomination Campaigns were bereft of substance

Nomination campaigns at all levels were bereft of strategies, ideas and programs to bring Nigeria and the component states out of the woods. We hope the candidates will now return to the drawing board to establish why they want to be in government and how they intend to achieve these. Otherwise the next four years are probably wasted before even starting!

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10 Reasons Why Atiku Lost

Simon Kolawole Live!: Email:

I foresaw the comprehensive defeat of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar at the PDP presidential primary. You don’t need to possess any special talent to know that there are certain dynamics that define our politics. The problem with many of us is that we have mindsets that are defined more by perceptions than reality. For instance, we perceive that a Southerner would always want a Southerner to be president, even when the facts of history do not support such a presumption. It is even worse for foreigners who habitually define Nigeria as “Muslim North” and “Christian South” and analyse every issue from that prism. Nigeria is certainly more complex than that! (more…)

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2011 General Elections – a Call to Duty!

There are several reasons why every Nigerian must take interest in the 2011 elections, whether from point of registering to vote or actually lining up to vote, or ensuring that the vote we cast is counted and counts towards the election of our next leaders.

Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians, about 150 million of us at home and in Diaspora. Only a few people can take responsibility for the rest of us for organisational purposes. That is why a government is needed, whether at local, state or federal level. We are all equal, from the unborn child in a market woman’s womb to the occupant of the office of the President. Any commonwealth belongs to us all equally.

Unfortunately the few that have been put in charge of responsibility for the nation have not only abused the resources and compromised the sovereignty of the nation by ceding portions of it through wilful subjections to international conspiracies as seen in Bakasi, but have abused her citizens and done everything to ensure Nigeria is wiped off the global map. (more…)

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